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Paralia is situated on the west coast of the Thermaic Gulf.

It lies 2 km east of Kallithea, 5 km south of Korinos and 8 km east of Katerini. Motorway 1 and the Piraeus–Platy railway (nearest station at Katerini) pass west of the village. Paralia has a small port.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 0 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi

OLympic Beach

Olympiaki Akti (Greek: Ολυμπιακή Ακτή), or Olympic Beach, is a resort town in the eastern part of the regional unit of Pieria in Greece. Its beach is part of the Olympian Riviera. The Thermian Gulf is situated to the east. The entire coastline is sand. The town is located 2 km S of Paralia, 5 km E of Katerini.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 4 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi

mt. olympUs

The length of the sea front, the abundant, golden sand, the quality of the water, the unrepeatable combination of coastline and mountainous massifs, changes in landscape, easy road and rail access, facilities for small craft, the alternation between quiet and cosmopolitan life, the diversity of flora and fauna, hotel infrastructure, the range of cuisine and entertainment, the wealth of sporting activities available, countless sites of cultural and ecological interest, well organized shopping facilities and the range of towns dotted along the coast.



16 organized beaches each with its own different character stretch out in succession along a distance of 70 kilometers allowing you, to enjoy all the

benefits from different yet neighboring

locations while ensuring

a large gamut of choices.

There are at least 16 reasons that make Pieria’s 16 beaches unrivalled.




The focus of all activities in Pieria is the capital of the Prefecture, Katerini. It is the prefectural administrative centre, seat of the Prefectural Government Authority and pole of economic activity.

It has a strong tourist infrastructure and experienced travel agencies only too willing to help you get about. The local range of shops is extensive, capable of covering all needs.


Pedestrianized Megalou Alexandrou St. is the commercial center of Katerini, ideal for relaxing and shopping without the pressures of time.

It is surrounded by picturesque cafes, restaurants to suit all tastes and hundreds of retail stores with personal experience and training in serving visitors.

The city has specialized restaurants, hotels, banks, a healthcare infrastructure and anything else you as a visitor to Pieria might need. Located right at the heart of Pieria it is a major hub for local excursions.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 8 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi


Dion, an archaeological site of international repute, the “City of Zeus”, the sacred city of the ancient Macedonians, lies on the northeastern slopes of Olympus.
Within the bounds of the archaeological park one can stroll among the finds and visit the nearby museum. Many years of extensive excavations have brought to light a plethora of significant finds.

The city was surrounded by a square fortified precinct and crossed by a dense network of streets. Building blocks with residences, workshops, shops and public buildings have all been excavated.

The Greek theatre built during the 4th century, where tragedies penned by Euripides were played, is still used today for the same purpose. The sanctuary dedicated to Isis, whose worship replaced that of Artemis, has survived almost intact.


The sanctuary of Zeus, the nearby theatre dating from the Roman period, built when the Greek one ceased to be used, the so-called Dionysus Villa with its breath-taking mosaics, the Roman public baths covering 4.000 m2, the sanctuary of Demeter just outside the city walls, the monument of the shields and many other finds await you on your pilgrimage to antiquity.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 28 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi


Litochoro is a historic town with houses in the Macedonian architectural style, narrow cobbled streets and many chapels. A resort with extensive tourist infrastructure it lies just 5 km from sea. An ideal starting point for the Enipeas Gorge and mountain climbing towards the peaks of Olympus.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 30 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi


From Homer’s time right up to the present day poets and artists have not ceased to sing the praises of Mount Olympus, and the simple fact that the representatives of a great historical civilization such as Greek civilization imagined Olympus as the home of their gods is indicative of the awe that this mountainous massif provokes.

It is not impressive only for its height with the peak Mystics reaching 2.918 meters but also for its short distance from the sea. It truly dominates the landscape with its many different aspects. Each trip to Olympus evokes different feelings because the mountain has many faces to show its visitors.


For mountaineers Olympus is an ideal location. Mountaineering Associations have carefully organized routes and special, hospitable refuges. The roads and paths crossing the mountain nonetheless allow visitors who do not have a special interest in mountaineering or special knowledge to become acquainted with the mountain, its diverse flora and fauna and its natural beauty up close.


The easiest routes start from Litochoro. The next stop following the course of mountain path E4 which leads through the Enipeas Gorge is the location known as Prionia at an altitude of 1.100 m. There you can rest and obtain information about the rest of the journey. Prionia can be reached after 4-5 hours of walking or by car by forest road. Along the length of the road there are special areas from which one can enjoy the view, drink fresh water and relax. From Prionia mountaineers with endurance can head on for the Spilios Agapitos refuge at an altitude of 2.100 m.
A few kilometers before Prionia a path commences leading to the Muses Plateau at an altitude of 2.600 m where there are mountain refuges. This path begins from the position known as Gortsia. It is from these refuges that the ascent to Olympus’ highest peaks begins.


There are other tried and tested routes to match the endurance of the walker. Detailed information can be obtained from the mountaineering associations.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 30 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus


Leptokaria lies on the coast of Aegean Sea, under the Mount Olympos. It is located near ancient Livithra, allegedly the home of Orpheus, major figure in the Greek Mythology. Since the major events and customs in the town is the revival of division of Orpheus.


Every summer the beach attracts visitors from Greece and the abroad.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 36 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi, Train


Platamon is regarded as one of the most significant tourist destinations in Pieria. The town is home to numerous restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and camping resorts. Platamon is connected to the cities of Katerini and Larissa through the bus and train transportation system.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 45 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi

The Platamon Castle is a Crusader castle (built between 1204 and 1222) in northern Greece and is located southeast of Mount Olympus, in a strategic position which controls the exit of the Tempe valley, through which passes the main road connecting Macedonia with Thessaly and southern Greece.[1] The tower (donjon), which overlooks the highway, is an imposing medieval fortress.


Important discoveries are the board of Hellenistic wall, that confirm the suggestion that on this position was the ancient Greek city Herakleion and the gate in the wall of the donjon. The core of the city Herakleion remains to be found, but it is posited that it is located on the northwest side of the castle's hill due to shells and coins found during recent excavations.


OLD panteleimon

The traditional villages which are dotted across Mount Olympus and the Pieria Mountains are easily accessible and lie only a few kilometers from both Katerini and the coastline. They are famed for their excellent cuisine and comfortable accommodation.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 50 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi

 You will be rewarded with the exceptional natural landscape. Surrounded as they are by impressive forests, they stand out for their interesting Macedonian architecture, where stone is the main building material, and have managed to keep alive aspects of traditional life.

The traditional village of Paleos Panteleimonas lying at an altitude of 500 m with a view to the sea and situated close to the coastline is well known for its architecture. There are guesthouses and taverns. The village is ideal for walking holidays.


Elatochori is situated west of Katerini, and south of Veria. It is a mountainous village that lies on the Pierian Mountains. There is also a ski resort 6 km from the village.

Distance from Hotel Atlantis: 36 km
Accessible by: Car, Bus, Taxi

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